SpritzMoon: aperitif or crypto?

Is SpritzMoon Crypto Token an aperitif drunk on the Moon or a Crypto that will bring the price of the token to the Moon? Let’s find out together.

SpritzMoon Crypto Token was born on the Blockchain of Binance Smart Chain from the famous Italian opener known in the world, the Spritz!

In his honour, the Token aims to make the virtual value of Crypto concrete through a real and physical structure such as the SpritzMoon Community Bar that will allow all Crypto SpritzMoon owners to pay at the agreed facilities for the weekend aperitif with friends in total safety through the fully-free Wallet app.

That’s all? Absolutely not!

The SpritzMoon project is structured for a constant and continuous growth of its economic value setting a maximum purchase of 1,000,000 SpritzMoon Token, so that anyone can have SpritzMoon (the equivalent in euro is about 100 euros on 10.08.2021) avoiding strong fluctuations in price and volumes. In addition, each individual Holder in the Community will receive a 5% for each new entry thus increasing their SpritzMoon Token number automatically and securely. SpritzMoon has as its growth target, by 2025, up to $1 for every single token… will it succeed? We’ll see!

Another important aspect of this new Crypto, 100% made in Italy, is the social field of the project with concrete and real aid towards associations sensitive to the theme Spritz encouraging prevention for a correct and just use of “fun in safety.”

So how do I buy SpritzMoon and join the Community? On the site is indicated the procedure through simple steps to buy, while to follow the Social Community are operating as many as 8 Social channels!

Good SpritzMoon, then…




The Crypto of Spritz Lovers

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The Crypto of Spritz Lovers

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